Earth Hour 2010

This is my Earth Hour 2010 moment. Miku and Shana also did their part turning the lights off and lighting a candle at home.

How was your Earth Hour in your country? Fellow Optic got involved too!

For more EH moments visit the Flickr group in here.


Fabrice said...

In Singapore, more organisations participated in the earth hour. Lights went out at 8:30.

Small as the step may be, Singapore's certainly on its way to making the switch to save the earth.

=) Love the picture of shana and miku, nicely thought!

Nopy said...

I was out for dinner, so no Earth Hour for me. I've been thinking though, I'm pretty sure the amount of energy needed to produce a candle is more than what a light bulb uses in an hour.

Anonymous said...

I was in my home, but i didnt knew it was earth hour ^^; until i watched the new's late in the night.

Optic said...

My family turned off the lights but the TV was still on since we still need our entertainment to pass the time. This includes the PS3 as well. xD

I was running my macbook on battery power so I did my bit.

Near the end, my sister screwed it up when she accidentally turned on the lights. lol

Phossil said...

@Fabrice: I saw a lot of pictures from Singapore and Australia turning the lights off.

@Nopy: Really? Maybe thats why they're cheap.

@Optic: I imagine your family (you included) yelling at your sister. Lol ^^