Oakland Mall photowalk

Went last weekend to Oakland Mall here in Guatemala City. The place is located at Diagonal 6 and its the perfect spot the be in a saturday/sunday afternoon.

The entrance to the mall. The place is almost new.

The mall is quite huge. Well maybe not as huge as some other malls. Many cute girls were present. That's why I like to go to the malls. "I want two cute girls to go, please..." ^^

Kagami was with me in my little walk.


Nopy said...

That looks like a nice mall. All the malls around here are really old so they're kinda run-down.

Reltair said...

That's way better than the malls we have here. The city next to where I lived is called Oakland, what a coincidence.

fabrice said...

Nice mall, looks a bit like Vivo city in singapore.
had a nice time with kagami?

Phossil said...

@Nopy: Every mall has its touch. ^^

@Reltair: Really? Oakland is a cool city name.

@Fabrice: Yep. She is my best mate. >_<