Animoe stats (for this month)

Took the img from meimi32 post.

Here is a little compilation for animoe march stats:
1,954 visits
3,316 page views (almost 2K visits per month and 3,3K page views average)

Most viewed posts:
Miku Hatsune Gallery (part one and part two)
Madobe Nanami win7

Top referrals:

Top country readers:
United States, Canada, Philippines, Australia, Singapore, Germany

Newest country readers:
Uruguay, Peru, Czech Republic, Ireland, Luxembourg

Also, as a side note, in the next following days, the site will have some post contributions from a new guest author: GuxAdolfo who will present himself later ^^.


Fabrice said...

Wow, nice stats you have =)
congratz. Im sure it will grow in the futur! plus its nice to see more countries around the world looking at you blog.

Optic said...

Hey Hey, Australia made it into ur list. xD

Reltair said...

I'm always surprised by all the various countries that show up on stats. Keep it up and Hatsune Miku gallery ftw!