Winter uniform

We are back of that time of the year again...

-Hi! Im ready to go to school.

-Hi, Tsukasa. Uhm, didnt you notice something different?
-We are in winter, so we dont use summer uniform in school for now.

-Dont worry Tsukasa.

-Ok. I changed my uniform to winter's.


Anonymous said...

lol I hope she didn't change in front of them ^^ Adding you to the good ol blogroll :)

Fabrice said...

im stuck into which one to get, the summer or winter one DX

haha nice scene taken from anime XD

Reltair said... you collect both the summer and winter versions? ^^

Phossil said...

@jpskyline: Lol. thanks. Visiting your site as well.

@Fabrice: Winter versions came out first, so I think its harder to find now.

@Reltair: I only have Tsukasa in summer version :(