Girls playing soccer gallery

This time gallery is reserved for Fifa Soccer World Cup. I collected moe girls playing with soccer balls. Do you play soccer? Who is your favorite team to win the World Cup? My favorite teams are Germany, Portugal and Argentina. ^^ Enjoy the images.

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Seantaku said...

I was never a big sports guy but I love the images! Especially number 3. Very cute. Whats it from?

Shin said...

>post cute Japanese girls playing football

>not supporting Japan

hijo, me ha decepcionado

Phossil said...

@Seantaku: Sheis Sunohara Mei from Clannad.

@Shin: Lol. Im supprting Germany, Portugal and Argentina mostly. :P

Anonymous said...

I love soccer, I love cute anime girls. Therefore I love these images <3 xDDDDDD

And I support Brazil, Portugal and Netherlands :P.

Persocom said...

Soccer's cool, but I don't follow the World Cup, maybe I should check it out though. Even so I'm pretty much rooting for Germany XD

Yi said...

I think I'm supporting Germany. Lovely images!!