Hatsune Miku mug cup

Guess where am I hiding?

I'm in a mug cup. ^_^

Hello!! Got-cha!!

Here is my actual mug cup. Its almost 4 years since I bought it. How is your mug cup and how long do you have it?

If you are interested in buying a mug cup, you can check out jlist for a Black Rock Shooter mug cup or a Miku Hatsune Project Diva Miku Speaker Glass.


Yi said...

Miku's not very good at hiding.

Daymien said...

Add water into the mug with miku in it to produce leek favour juice!!

Leonia said...

Cute ! I love two first pictures ^^

Phossil said...

@Yi: Lol. She likes to play games.

@Daymien: mmm, perfect for making a cup of Miku, ^^

@Leonia: Very funny series of shots. I think Kodomut did something similar. >_<

Reltair said...

Nendos hide so well in mugs. :)

I just use whatever mug cup I find in the cupboard. *shrug*

Fabrice said...

Haha shes so cute ^^
im quite suprised it fit in a cup O.o

KINGRPG said...

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MkMiku said...

Ahaha, that's one of the cutest Miku photos I've seen. x3

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