Anime Kudasai Cosplay 2009

Another anime cosplay convention I went last week. This convention was kind of similar that Argos TCG Convention with minor differences. The event was held in "Miraflores Museum" for a complete weekend (I mean 2 days, Saturday and Sunday).

There was some kanji calligraphy too, well, sort of.

The main attraction was the cosplay, but this time I didnt take too many pictures because most cosplayers were the same from TCG-Con.

Now, I have heard of "Importadora Poison", as one of the first figures and Japan culture importers from here. I took a pic of Poison manager (The man in red.)

Also there was som traditional japanese food. Cant remember what was the name of above pic but certainly looks delicious.

Something that I liked was a live performance concert. Mostly they played anime shows openings and endings.

And a pic of the audience. Do you see Ryoga (from Ranma) in the middle? I think he was lost.

For being my first time to attend an Anime Kudasai event was ok. I tried to look forward for AK website but at the moment is down. Also this time I couldnt give too much my name cards.


Nopy said...

Looking at that sushi is making me hungry.

Reltair said...

Man, you guys have a lot of anime conventions.

Phossil said...

@Nopy: I was hungry too, but the sushi was kind of expensive.

@Reltair: Lol. Not really, there are only 3 conventions in a year, and 2 of them are in november.

Yi said...

Those Kanji calligraphy... could use a bit more work.

Now I'm craving sushi.

Anyway, I don't think we have nearly as many conventions around here. There's only 1 I could think of.