Ubuntu party review

Last weekend I went to the ubuntu karmic koala fest, organized by ubuntu-guatemala team. I was with the idea of install a virtualized ubuntu server version in my laptop which at the end I only managed to install ubuntu 9.10 client version. More pics after the jump:

The event wasnt too crowded, well at least when I arrived which was in the afternoon but when I arrived there werent more free karmic t-shirts for me and ubuntu media either.

A view of the line of laptops waiting for being intalled with ubuntu. Guess which one is mine? I even got to see a Macbook but I doubt the owner would like to install ubuntu on it.

What is this guy selling? Well Im not sure but his presentation was kind of hard to see (because of daylight).

Are we going to use this cd media, oniisama? Shana was very helpful during installation in my laptop. Do you think Shana supports open source software? Well, she doesnt have problems with it.

Shana showing the final result, a laptop with ubuntu installed. Not precisely my laptop, because my laptop screen reflects too much (bright and glossy view) for a screen picture.

Technical problems? Too bad I didnt capture the screen, but there was no server during presentation and the event had a non scheduled break trying to fix the problem. Meanwhile a pic to capture the moment.

An upper view of the event. Lets count how many peoply wearing karmic tshirts are in this picture.

Blogger and Twitter @Talishte in action. At the moment Im still experimenting with this ubuntu version. Im having trouble setting up my screen resolution for my laptop. How has been your experiencies with ubuntu software? good?


Yi said...

You really do attend a lot of events. ^ ^

Phossil said...

@Yi: to tell the truth, this one and the previous happened the same day and at nearly places in here, lol.