What my top 5 anime says

Pic is not related at all. Nagisa and Kotomi are my favorite. ^^Is Clannad in my top 5 list?

Inspired by HappySoda post and after seeing some other blogs with the same reactions, I decided to post my top 5 anime shows at the moment just to give and idea to my readers what kind of anime shows I really like and I consider a must watch. It took me a while to make the post but here it is. They arent in order but anyway:

* Cowboy Bebop
Spike Spiegel bounty hunter life, fighting technique, his motivation and how he sees life really has an impact on me.

* Evangelion
First show to demostrate not everyone wants to be a hero but there is no option is you want to save the world.

* Card Captor Sakura
I felt in love with Sakura and Syaoran. Both were very cute as a couple.

* Full Metal Alchemist

Alchemy has its reason to be. Equivalent exchange, err I mean give something of equal value to gain something in return it is the world's one, and only truth.

* Fate/Stay Night
Saber. Should I say something more?

Now, what my top has to say about me? I consider there were some good quality shows excluded from the list, making basically a top 5 list not enough to post my all-time favorite shows (like Clannad for example). What is your top 5 anime?


Reltair said...

Fate/stay night, an excellent choice sir. ^o^

Seantaku said...

Good stuff! Cowboy Bebop is a classic. I also loved FMA.

Meimi132 said...

Hmmmm tis a good question... top 5 anime.... hard decision..... I had some idea... this has inspired me to do my own. Will kill some time before Fringe is done dling too hehehe. Then I will return to Destiel. Hehehehe.

Yi said...

Your top 5 says that you have very different taste from me.

Although Cowboy Bebop is up there for me though as well as FMA, just not top 5.

Teniente Primero Del Escuadron Skull said...

uhm cowboy no esta dentro de mi top5 al igual ke full metal alchemisttal vez el hecho de ser un chico shoujo me lleva mas por el camino sentimental y no es ke full metal no lo tiene pero me gusta problema no me capturo, pues mis inspiracion para ver fate stay/night fue archer todos tenemos diferentes .XD aunke debo compartir ke Sakura card captors me encanto solo por sakura

Phossil said...

@Reltair: I hope for a second anime season. ^^

@Seantaku: I consider my top 5 a must watch, but there are some new shows coming up like Suzumiya Haruhi that I like as well.

@Meimi132: hehe, I wonder what your top 5 is. XD

@Yi: Hard for me to pick up only 5. I should better do a top 100 anime shows that I like. Lol.

@Teniente: Igual, siempre me gustan las series con chicas moe en bikini, el fanservice y el pantsu.