How did you learn to code?

I would like to have a girl like her in front of my computer.

Continuing in my search for a job and since Im a Systems Engineer, Im always asked if I know to code or if Im familiar with it. Thats a very interesting question that requires to share with you my answer.

Well, I could say I was very curious about programming when I was in high school but never really programmed something. Apparently I've learned FoxBase, a very old computer program, but in those days I wasnt thinking in computer stuff.

It was until I was in college (I mean in the university) where I learned the coding principles, more specifically in a course called Programming I in the Systems and Cience faculty. The programming language I learned was C++.

I would like to say my professors taugh me in a understandable way, but the teaching method were mostly to look for an answer in the help menu. And it was similar with other programming courses.

Of course, in the university I was involved in courses with: Java, Html, javascript, Asp, .NET, PHP and SQL.

To tell the truth, I think I’ve never learned to code quite accurately. I can still produce some real bugs in my programs and Im always (well not always) checking the documentation for references.

I dont think I read programming book to learn to code. It was more of trial and
error, looking in the help topics for a particular sentence or googling for some examples. Sure, having a book will help you as reference and I dont think a single book will be enough for learning. I have some e-books about IT in my PC in my collection.

Among those programming languages, I think I have learned in the same way, I mean by necessity or because I really liked those programming courses or the results you can acomplish with them. I was very curious and I need it to acomplish a particular need in order to get what I need it do do. Now recently I have been learning CSS by myself in order to moddify the blogger template but Im aware I dont fully know about CSS to say: "I know CSS".

So, Do I know to code? Yes, but I dont know to code by memory, I mean I dont know the exact code sentence, in case Im going to take a coding exam.

I think you learn to code when you are an appasionate about something and you want to be able to learn the programming language to build that something. So now its your turn to share, tell me, Do you know to code? or are you interested in learn to code?


Otaku Dan said...

I learned coding from blogging

7 said...

I learned my first coding (HTML) because of boredom where things like YouTube, blogging, and MMORPGs were not as prominent as they are now. Learned a bit of CSS and javasript from the Xanga craze, then inherently learned programming logic off of a TI-84 calculator (to gain an edge in Calculus classes ^_^). Learned more programming (Fortran) in my first year of college and finally got to know PHP on a learn-as-you-go basis when I got my own domain.

Nopy said...

I learned HTML in computer class back in grade 8, then in high school I read up a bit on CSS in my spare time but never really used it.
In University I took a course on C++ so now I know a bit about that too.

Anonymous said...

The most advanced thing I know about coding is making a little table in HTML. XD

sonic_ver2 said...

I used these language mostly:
Desktop : Java and Delphi7
Web developing: HTML-CSS-PHP
Database : MySQL and Oracle

And i also learned these:
Turbo C++, Turbo Pascal, Assembly for Intel
But never used them.

Kinda hate Delphi7 and would like to migrate into Visual Basic or other language from MS Visual Studio package.

I learned most of the basic from my institute courses. But mostly basic, i learned the advance things by trial and error way.

But anyway, coding is well... the most basic or should i say the lowest level of job in software developing world. Other than coding, i think we should learn more about system analyzing, or system designing, or even project managing.

Optic said...

Self learning via Wordpress(blog) and google.

Considering coding is not essential for my job, it's great to learn something new during the pass times.

Phossil said...

@Otaku-Dan: You have done a wonderful job with your blog btw.

@7: My brother has a TI calculator too for his calculus clases too.

@Nopy: C++ was the perfect language to learn programming, but now its Java. Do you know Java?

@thecococafe: Good start. Dont worry, soon you will be coding more advanced things in a snap of time.^^

@Sonic_ver2: Oh, that reminds me I also know Mysql, Oracle and VB. Never got into Delphi7 or assembly. Are they difficult?

@Optic: Well, programming its a good hobby to keep you entertained.:P

sonic_ver2 said...

Delphi is trash, but still easy to use, better use VB for desktop apps developing, especially in Windows platform.

Assembly is well, too hard, and not very useful. You can use CPU registers and some memory directly using segment+offset addressing style, and also you'll mainly use unstructured programming style.

Gux Fito said...

Well, actually when you get to a certain level of programming, assembler is very useful for understanding how the machine works.
As sonic_ver2 said, is the lowest level in the area, but is the basis if you want to be in the business.
I remember that when i learn to code it was trial and error, but now it isn't to difficult to learn a new language thanks to assistants or frameworks!

Tier said...

The first serious programming I did was on a TI-82 calculator when I was bored during math class. I took a couple of Pascal courses in high school and a couple of C++ courses in my first year of college, but subsequently I didn't do any serious programming until I had to write VHDL in my processor design classes. Now I code small programs in Javascript for my job.

I never really read any programming books or coded for fun (other than doing some minor stuff with HTML and SQL for some personal projects). I've just sort of picked stuff up along the way without really thinking about it. It's kind of odd that I've wound up working as a programmer.

Nopy said...

@phossil: Nope, just C++. I think they just started teaching Java here, but not to engineering students.

Blowfish said...

Never learned to Code and i honestly dont feel like coding.
There are alot other things that seem more useful to learn for me

Phossil said...

@GuxAdolfo: The IDE may be very helpful too.

@Tier: I code or google little javascripts to use in this blog.

@Blowfish: Im kind of forgetting how to code but not at all.

M12 said...

Ever since I was little, I've fantasised about building computer games. I learned how to code extremely poorly during primary school. In high school, I learned Logo Writer and Visual Basics XD. In uni, I learned Flash. That became my job. I also do PHP, mySQL and Flex, but mostly actionscript. I can't bare server side stuff while it's all numbers. I like things like Flash because I can muck around with graphics and animations. :)