Audio recording

Recording audio needs a lot of concentration. Its fun to record live and to be with Louise.

For the uninitiated, I have been participating in the Librivox project as a reader volunteer. The project Im reading is "The Quijote", in Spanish version and this last weekend I finished to record another section.

For my first readings I used my Imac, but lately I have been using my PC. Well, let me tell you my current setup for audio recording.

I use Audacity as recording software. Its Open Source and It does exactly what I need to do. Audacity also has some basic audio effects and its very easy to use. It also lets you export your recordings in OGG and Mp3 extensions.

I use a standar PC microphone and hearphones, but I would like to get a semi-professional mic or a entry level mic because currently I need a lot of editing after the recordings. Do you have any recomendations? With my PC mic, I sound a little pitchy sometimes.

I have learned a lot being a reading volunteer in Librivox. It is also very fun and requires time and patience if you arent comfortable with trial and error. If you like, you can visit the project and volunteer too or if you are curious, you can hear my previous readings.


Snark said...

This is most interesting. I wish to listen to your recording despite my entirely nonexistent understanding of Spanish!

Phossil said...

@Snark: Have you read the Quijote?

The link for the forum is where you can find the uploaded files.

Seantaku said...

Im looking into some recording equipment myself but have no idea whats really good or not. I gotta do some research on the internets.

I'd like to pursue voice acting as a career at some point so recording equipment is needed. Heh.