Second cubicle migration

Another cubicle migrationMoved again, but this time is for good.

Just right in time, after my unlucky event with women I had to move from my cubicle for second time. Now, dont get me wrong, because management was thinking in this stuff almost a month ago and at that time I wasnt agree with the idea at all.

Not even a year has passed since I moved, but this time I think it is better for me for a little change and to calm everything down.

But as everything, the cons for the movement were first, Im back to a windowless cubicle. I mean, It has a glass but there is no view on it, and second I dont have the dual monitor anymore.

I want to thank to all (friends, coworkers and bloggers) who were kind and friendly to me the last couple of days and for being supportive with me. What doesnt kill us makes us stronger, right? Now I have to learn from my mistakes and with this experience.


Snark said...

Exactly! Stay in the game soldier! Keep marching and go kick life right in the balls!

Anonymous said...

I admit I'm not jealous of your cubicle. But don't worry and don't let your location in the office get you down! It's easy to let having an annoying cubicle make every day bad. Try not to let it take over your mood when you walk in every morning!

Phossil said...

@Snark: Yes, sir!!

@lovelyduckie: thats the reason why I have figmas and anime stuff in my desk. >_<