Second loot of 2009

unpacking the box right away.unpacking the box right away..

I got the second loot of the year. Im glad I got it as a way to cheer me up somehow. This time I ordered Figma Konata, Figma Kagami and Shana Nendoroid.

I decided to order Figma Kagami mainly because of the pictures you can see in Danny's site. Figma Konata was a figure I wanted last year and for now is very hard to find because its out of stock almost in everywhere.

Now Shana Nendoroid was this loot pick to be my second nendo figure. I think I choose her because of the cool photoshoots and reviews I found in some blogs (check my blogroll, because I dont remember exactly where and I dont want to hurt some feeling in there..)

A view of the loot in my desk.A view of the loot in my desk..

This loot was different from my previous ones. I ordered from (sorry HLJ or Hobbysearch) and the items + shipping and taxes to my country was very expensive. I got each figure at $55 aprox. meanwhile in HLJ the net price was almost at $40 but I think it was the price I had to pay to get them very quickly here in the Americas.

By the moment, I dont plan to adquire new figures, because I think I have fullfill my goal for this year (and because of my wallet). ^^


Anonymous said...

Nice get. ^^d

Ur still planning to get the whole figma Lucky Star set?
I know u fulfilled ur goal but..... more fun if u have them all. :)

Snark said...

Nice buy; I'm suprised you managed to get the lucky star figmas though, I was under the impression they were pretty much sold out everywhere!

sonic_ver2 said...

I already decided to stop buying more figma, because... well they have ugly joints, and some of the products are flawed.

Q said...

lol you took these pics in the office?

Each figure around 55USD each? That's pretty steep, and I don't think they're that rare at the moment. I'd stop buying anymore in a short time if I had to spend so much.

Anonymous said...

Nice loot. Reminds me that I haven't take photos of my shana and konata.

Anonymous said...

Konata y Kawami !!! Kawaii!!!

Phossil said...

@Optic: Probably but maybe more room for other figures.

@Snark: It was very difficult to get Konata. I had some luck this time I guess.

@sonic_ver2: Im thinking in PVC figures.

@Q: Figmas are very rare in here and since I changed shops the price was high.

@G2: dont wait too much. Im want to see those pics.

@ImperioMoe: Both seems very cute on my desk.^^