Learning Japanese

Currently Im teaching/learning myself japanese language. I know nothing can replace a dictated class with teachers and so on, but thats something dificult to get in my country for learning japanese language.

Because of the lack of Japanese learning classes, I got some PDF books sometime ago for starting, but for now, Im using Smart.fm (previously Iknow) and Livemocha websites.

Both sites let you learn different languages (japanes is one of them) in a very interactive way. Do you know or use another language teaching websites?

At the moment Im a begginer, but thanks to wawawawasuremono.com learn to read japanese series (Meronpan) I think I've learned a lot.

If you have an account in Smart or livemocha, dont hesitate in adding me as your friend.


Snark said...

@ Phossil
Learning a language is never easy...but given how you've already dickslapped english with your mad linguist skillz, I'm sure Japanese shouldn't be too hard either.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm on iKno.. er... Smart.fm XD still not used to the new name yet lol. I added you. I use a few books and Smart.fm right now only. I'll probably be doing another blog post in the near future about how I study Japanese. Oh yeah I couldn't leave out Meronpan, his lessons are great too. Good luck learning, it's pretty fun!

Phossil said...

@Snark: Do you know other languagues?

@Persocom: Did you know about livemocha?

Hynavian said...

Perhaps you might want to check out textbooks like the "Minna no Nihongo" series. They're the official textbooks for National University of Singapore (NUS) who are learning Japanese and I feel that they're comprehensible enough. (:


Phossil said...

@Hynavian: thanks for the info. I didnt know about that book series.

angeldaine said...

I'd recommend trying out EduFire. It's an online class where you interact with other students too (by chat or voice) ^_^ I'm trying to learn Japanese too , so I'm looking for other helpful links and I stumble upon your blog.

Nicole said...

I'm on Livemocha, but I don't use it much. I hope to use it to brush up on my German and others, soon.
If you add me, I would be happy to help you with Japanese, but...
I'm not a native speaker, and have only been learning it for 5 years now.

As for textbooks, Genki I and II are the beginner's best friend. They are the cheapest(don't quote me on that) and published by the Japan Times. There are other books that come after it not under the Genki name, so you're set for like 6 years of learning!
I liked it anyway. Just stay clear of "Nakama"!!!

I found this post through the FアP Blog, btw :P

Good Luck!