Hatsune Miku Gallery

Updated moe image gallery collection of Miku Hatsune pics found on the web. This is Gallery #1 in the blog.

I feel rather lazy today and I don't have a very good topic to do a post. Instead, here is Miku Hatsune Gallery. Enjoy!

(Update) More Miku images added.

Two Mikus are better than one.


Snark said...

Hmm, can't say I'm too big a fan of Miku, though I do dig her sleeve things.

Anonymous said...

saw one i don't have. right click save. ('~')

Anonymous said...

Nice! Look like I am going save some of these pictures on my computer.

Anonymous said...

Cute Miku is cute =D

Phossil said...

@all: Its part of Miku's world domination plan. ^^

Lylibellule said...

I love the character Miku. And there are beautiful illustrations on it. In your images, I like 2 and 3.
The latest figures Nendo and outings with his very well done too.