Earth Hour

Two years ago, Sydney, Australia held its first Earth Hour in a stand against climate change. Everybody who signed up agreed to switch off all their lights for one hour on a set date and time. Even Sydney’s Harbour Bridge and Opera House got involved and switched off.

This year it’s going global and towns, cities, businesses and households alike are signing up. Im trying to do my part, at least spreading this event.

In Central America, the Earth Hour will be until tomorrow, but thinking globally, there will be a lot of cities where in fact due to hour differences will be reaching March 28 probably soon (My australian and asian readers will be in the first row ^^).

For me, Im planning to turn off the lights in my house tomorrow at 20.30 for 60 mins.


Anonymous said...

I might not do it.... but i like the idea its good that there are people that thinks about the world

Hynavian said...

I'm planning to partake in this event too...lights out at 8.30pm (:

Persocom said...

I'll be doing it, it's easy to turn off lights. I don't like wasting energy any more than necessary anyways

Anonymous said...

I turned off my lights when Earth Hour started here, but then I quickly realized that I wouldn't be able to finish any work in the dark :/