Nanoha Photoshoot

Activate Raising Heart!!

Returning back from a long period of anime inactivity, Im posting the so waited Nanoha's Photoshoot!

For those who dont know, I really like Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha's show and Im a big Nanoha's and Fate's Fan! Some of my best Nanoha's pictures follows ahead:

Some bloggers had ask me about what camera type I used to get those pictures. Well, first let me tell you that I dont own a DSLR camera. I have a regular Point-and-shoot camera.

I know the pictures may have the 3:4 aspect ratio, but I used the rectangular marquee tool you can find in photoshop to fix the aspect ratio of the photos as well as the brightness, levels and contrast too.

Isnt Nanoha the best? I really love my Nanoha Figma figure. She has a very special place in my collection. Tell me, do you own Nanoha Figma version too?


Snark said...

Very, very nice, your phototaking is most superb!

Sadly however, I can't say I share your love for Nanoha; Subara was essentially the only character from the entire series who I wouldn't want to skewer with a rusty pitch fork >_>

Still, nice pictures though >=D

Anonymous said...

The pictures turned out nice!
Too bad that i have a grudge against magical girls ^^

sonic_ver2 said...

Very nice photos indeed. This photoshoot is somewhat nostalgic to me. I already got her for almost half year.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! ^^ Nanoha is the second figma I got =D But I haven't play with her for quite a long time, I guess I should go and play again with her now x3

Phossil said...

@Snark: Lol. Im currently watching Strikers and soon the 1st movie.

@Blowfish: I will change your grudge in you ^^.

@Sonic_ver2: I got Nanoha almost half a year too. Was my first figma (with Haruhi).

@Kasearashi: Go nuts with her!! Well thats my opinion. >_<

Persocom said...

Yup, I'm a proud owner of a Nanoha Figma as well, she looks great with that background!

Lylibellule said...

I discovered your blog and your photos I touve really beautiful. The background chosen highlights the figure. Good work!

Phossil said...

@Persocom & @Lylibellule: thx. I think I will be posting more photoshoots with that background.