First loot of 2009

First loot of the yearHaruhi was so excited with the hlj box!!

My first figure to arrive for the current year arrived today. This is my second purchase with HLJ guys, but I must say, I placed the order november last year and I got it until now (almost 4 months later) but I guess it happens because Im in Latin America.

I didnt noticed but customs did their job and they labeled the box as "Juguete" (the spanish word for Toy) and that made me laugh a lot.

The word juguete (toy) over the box

If you were wondering what figure I got this time, it was my First Nendo figure: Miku Hatsune Nendoroid version. Do you own any nendoroid figure? While I was putting the box a side, Nanoha gave her protection to her new friend (pictures follows)..

Guess what, It was Miku Hatsune nendoroid. Nanoha protecting her new friend

I showed Miku to my coworkers who were berry impressed with the nendo figure.

Thats all for now (its getting late), but more photos will come in later posts.


Snark said...

Wow, I'm pretty surprised HLJ still had her in stock O.o

She's a pretty cute figure though; good buy ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice loot!!!!!!
She is a really kawaii nendo!!!!!!

sonic_ver2 said...

I thought this figure is already out of stock everywhere. You're pretty lucky to get her.

Anyway, congrats on your 1st loot of 2009.

Anonymous said...

OMG, 4 months! At least you finally got it. ^^

Phossil said...

@Snark: I ordered back in november for the 2nd release stocking.

@Rin: Do you have any Nendo too?

@Sonic_ver2: More its on the way. lol.

@Rangerroh: The 2nd release was set to late december. It was shipped in mid January and got it until now.

Anonymous said...

Miku!!! Glad you bought her, she's too sweet to miss! =D

I'm now thinking of getting another Nendo Miku if I saw one... LOL

Anonymous said...

You are from gautemala?? Me too i own sumomo nendoroid! they are just too cutes!!

Anonymous said...

if ur coworkers was impressed then it's sign of good things to come.
Maybe the nendo trend in the workplace has just started. xD

Phossil said...

@Kazearashi: Two Mikus are better than one. Lol

@Lightosan: I think all nendos are very cute. ^_^

@Optic: I dont see that coming but maybe it will.