Test score

I finally got my TOEFL test scores last week. I noticed after login in the ETS page and watching a score link under my profile.

At the end my score was 93/120. For being my first time, under That kind of pressure, sleepless in the test day and all other factors, I think I did Ok. My worst section was...the speaking section and the best, guess what? the reading and listening section,...Lol.

I was very surprised with the result, I mean, I thought I did well in the writting, but i guess It was a fair score. My goal was at least to score higher than 80 points in the entire test.

Anyway, I think I will need to speak more to improve my English. Now the JLPT (Japan proficiency test) is ahead...


Anonymous said...

Congrats, it's always hard to learn another language.

Snark said...

Seems like a pretty ace score to me, congrats!

Also, what anime/game/manga is that picture from? The moeness of it disgusts me, but I am intrigued nonetheless.

And again, congratulations!

Phossil said...

@Nopybot: thx.

@Snark: I guess its from an eroge. I found the pic in gelbooru but it was untagged, so I dont really know.

Anonymous said...

Seems like you are pretty good at setting goals.

Ill hope youll be as good in the Japanese Test aswell!

My english was good back in school but once i left it,it became worse year by year

Anonymous said...

Congrats! ^^ I'm also better at reading and listening too lol Writing still okay, but speaking not that good... xD

Anyway good luck for the JPLT then ^^

Anonymous said...

is that a passing score? at any rate seems like you did pretty good and you definitely surpassed your goal ^^

JLPT for the win! gambatte kudasai ne~