Brief - a feed reading solution

18 feeds added and counting...

Im going to share my thoughts of a feed reading extension for Firefox called Brief. I've been using brief extension for a while (almost for 2 months) and I think Im ready to comment about it.

My previous days before using a feed reader was typing every web, blog and forum address in my favorite navigator every day. If it was wednesday, I checked my favorites sites by visit them one at a time. If friday, the same thing again. The worst days for me was at monday, when I had to check and to catch up for postings made on weekends.

Now I use Brief, a simple and easy feed reeding estension for Firefox. With brief, I can have all the feeds in one tab, read the feeds that I like and keep my favorite sites in a clean and ordered manner.

I think there are other feed reading solutions, but with Brief, I just add the site's feed, unmark the unread items (the first time you add a site, all its content is unread) and just wait for the next update (which Brief does automatically after a 24 hour period).

The layout its simple. You can see the unread items, new ones first or whatever you like. My only concern its that I think when Brief is doing the sync it downloads the images from the site, but I think its ok.

Tell me, What do you use for reading feeds?


Anonymous said...

Hmm,maybe I should give this a try since Im always at office during weekdays.. ^^

It seems that my brother uses Google Feed Reader to do the same, but I was shocked to see him having 100+ feeds to read everyday.. x.X

Anonymous said...

Wow that's a nice phossil! Thanks for sharing, I'll give it a try. Usually I also type the link and visit each of em, taihen desu ne... ^^;;

Kelvin said...

google readerfor me .. hmm
that looks good. i'll go try it hehe

Phossil said...

I will give Google reader a try and find out if its better.