Windy days

Wind and skirts... the better combination.

Lately has been a lot of windy days around here. Usually in october last days and first november days are a lot of wind in the environment making it perfect for kite flying in my country.

Did you fly a kite sometime?

I used to fly kites when I was in elementary school. I wasnt a good kite flyer. It never go upper than 6 mts.

I think kids and their parents go to fly a kite in november weekends . Rarely you found kites flying in the streets because of the wires but in the parks and open areas its something very common in these days.


Anonymous said...

I used to fly a kite when I was a kid back in my country too. My dad is a pro at doing this, because back when he was a kid, flying kite is very popular to do... Yes there is still no what so called technology game... xD All traditional game...
He can make it so high~ and doing kite battle lol... That was fun actually... :P

Anonymous said...

it's freaking hot over here. even at nights. the only wind i can feel right now are the one from my fan. :(

Phossil said...

kite battle? Wow, Your Dad was really a Pro.

Oh, too bad. The weather in here in gettin' colder gradually.

Anonymous said...

Wind?? Well, even though I lived on the 20th floor,it is still kinda warm.. I seriously need an aircon.. ^^;

I think Im gonna make paper airplanes and throw them outta window.. xD