Anime in Review #10 (Part 2)

Second part of my thoughts and comments of all the anime shows I saw in year 2018. The first part of this serie is available here.

Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel

I have been a Fate/Stay fan from so long and I really liked to watch the Sakura arc. I know, it is the same story but now from a different point of view.  There is not too much screen time of Saber but more of Illya and Rider (and Sakura of course). There will be a sequel so there is more to come.

Akame ga Kill

Who wants to feel that sword?

One of my pending to watch list. I had to see this show. The story is straight but character development is kept at minimum. In my opinion, Esdeath was a better fighter/star in the show. Maybe there will be an anime focusing only in her. There were so many fanservice potential in this anime but it was wasted.

Darling in the Franxx

02 gets very angry easily.

Evangelion Remake? Probably. Best Show of the season? That's cuestionable. I liked the characters design and the quality of the production. The story is not very good and sometimes you think something is missing. This show seemed to be out of ideas at the last three episodes because everything happens so quickly.

Robot Girls Z

The other team looks pretty good.

Fun, fun and more fun.  This was a show that takes the comic and hilarious perils of three super girls who are the Mazinger reincarnation. There is no plot but who need it when there is action, cute girls and small fanservice.

Your Name

I totally liked the premise of this movie. I think the concept was original. The art, design and voices were great. I also liked the idea of a boy touching the boobs of the girl when they swap bodies.

Batman Ninja

Japanese production of an american super hero. The quality of the animation was superb (also the voices although I saw it dubbed in english and spanish). Probably the movie had to be named Batman Samurai because he doesn't resembles too much to a ninja but maybe for marketing purposes it was better like this.  I only wished to see more fights or back story with the other villains besides the Joker (Two Face, Penguin, Poison Ivy, etc).

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