Anime in Review #10 (Part 1)

This has been quite a year where in my opinion I saw a lot of anime along and now it is time to share with you my comments and thoughts. The list is long so I split it in two parts.

Let's start with Kemono Friends anime show:

Wow, this place is incredible

Good show with a lot of interesting facts about animal species. The animation is not very good but acceptable for doing it in a rush. The story is easy to follow and not too complicated. I liked it but I feel it could have been better.

Card Captor Sakura (Clear Card)

Sakura Kinomoto has a new mission.

One of my favorite shows of the year. It was very nice to see a grown up Sakura. I really enjoyed it and made me remember the first seasons and movies. I liked it a lot!!

Kono Subarashi

The gang ready for a new mission.

As a gamer and anime lover I had to watch this show. It is hilarious and wayyy very comic. All the characters are enjoyable and funny. Kazuma is (not) a lucky guy for being surrounded by such girls!


Viva France

This is an oldie but goldie. I rewatched this show. It has a catchy opening song.


El trio principal de la serie que recorre medio Overworld

I remember the PlaySation game and decided to watch this anime show. It was fun and comic. Now I can remove it from my To-Watch list.

Uma Musume

SP first run and victory

Totally loved this show!! The best of the year for me!! If you haven't seen this I totally recommend to watch it. The characters are well made, the voices and the backgrounds. I really look into more seasons or a movie.

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