Comic Fiesta Malaysia

Comic Fiesta Malaysia

The biggest anime, cosplay related event in Malaysia, Comic Fiesta photo [hack] review ahead:

As always, Comic Fiesta is all about humans, humans and humans.

The official survival backpack for the event.

Comic Fiesta 2016 was such a blast! Thank you @potter_leong @sihan87 and @s_spk_k for such a fun time hanging out during the last few days, as well as @kclee2002 for organizing the photography team and @xsaye for the crazy booth setup and tear down (hope we didn't make a mess of your barang), I left your instax with @potter_leong k :D print more for you next time! So awesome meeting up with all the Malaysians as well as the other overseas guests & visitors; got to meet many new friends and say hi to familiar faces (°▽°) Thank you for signing a new copy of your book @siutao1126 www 希望你也玩的很开心! ---------- There was even this funny moment on day 1: I was asked to escort a guest from the hotel to the event, but when I went to the room, another guest came out and said that I was supposed to walk her to the con instead (・・;) aaand she's someone whom I'm a fan of... I hope I wasn't awkward trying to hold myself together HAHAHA ---------- I posted a pic of my bag because I was so happy that my @peakdesign Everyday Backpack arrived before the trip, because it was such a joy carrying all my gear AND event loot around the con, I didn't have to return to the hotel to pick up or drop off anything between the start and end of each day. #bagbrag Random strangers even came up to me and asked various questions about the bag, from "oh I have that bag too!" To "where did you get it? I've been wanting one for a while now!" It's such a funny feeling, almost like buying a bag makes me part of an exclusive community :V @peakdesign #represent Just landed back in Singapore after a bumpy flight ( ̄▽ ̄;) looking forward to next year's CF already!
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Photo review blog post also available at Zakuzaku911:

Here is a video review of the event thanks to Gundam Malaysian Toy Shop

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