Comic Fiesta 2011

Comic, Fiesta, Malaysia, 2011

Thanks to Flickr friends Ezra Lens, 「Shi Hao」 and Hayate89 (Setsuna-san) here is a photo compilation of Comic Fiesta 2011. Feel free to visit their photostreams for more pictures.

K-On girls rule!

Doujinshi area is crowded.

Amazing Miku Hatsune cosplay.

LMFAO was present? Lol.

Do you have an entry blog or more pictures of CF2011 you want to share? Leave a link in the comment area. More flickr photostreams you may want to check: summertee1502, beaniewhut.


Jasmine Chong said...

thk for shooting=)
nice Pic!

bluedrakon said...

very nice con it looked like to attend and the cosplayers went all out as usual