Anime in Review #8

Here are the anime shows I've seen in this year long. The following comments and remarks are only informative and I only pretend to do some discussion about my own thoughts (no spoilers.... at all).

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With no further business, let's proceed:


I want to see the ships from behind.

I really liked some of the characters like Kongou. The hole concept was great, ship girls in a war. Nothing magical, no transformations and kind of realistic (The idea about the sauna as an analogy to repair a damaged ship). I heard there will be a second season which I plan to watch. I only didn't like it was not to be able to seen "The admiral" commander.

Being Admiral is difficult.


We have powers for an unspecified reason.

Ok, I went almost all the show without doing the connection why it was called "Charlotte". Nearly at the end they do clarify about the reason, but it was a little brief (and quick) explanation. I think the show had very high potential to be something more but it wasn't. The beginning was slow and almost repetitive but then it gets better.

Monster Musume

Remember who is the boss, girls.

The harem anime of the season. I liked because it was comic and hilarious. My favorite girl was Miia. I only felt sorry about Kimihito "Darling" but he did his best with the girls.


Washing your teeth after every meal is important

I saw this show but somehow the plot was kind of similar to the Hack series or SAO. I dont entirely like shows where obviously there is a love triangle but nothing ever happens. Not even good fanservice. The show is short and has no conclusion -probably because it will have another season- but producers will have to think the things better. Only Hestia's melons saved the show.


Sister Power!

I previously watched the Bakemonogatari series (which was good) but second seasons are not always the case. This is more centered in Araragi's sisters and finally we seen Shinobu talk (but I wanted more of her in the show).

Please, don't give me that look.

Hibike Euphonium

We can play any instrument.

From the same studio and director from K-On! and many reviewers believed they were similar but they were not. I only didn't understand if they where a scholar marching band or a school instrumental band. Another thing: 96% of the band members where girls. Practically no boys, really. But generally speaking, I liked the show.

I like you, You know?

Valkyria Chronicles

A pig with winds.

I had this anime pending of watching but finally I managed to see it. I will not go into the games but doing an anime about war is not easy but must be realistic. In my opinion, character development is poorly bad elaborated in the show. The story and the voices are good.

Look at her guns!!

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