70-300mm Canon Lens

My lens arsenal is complete. I recently got a Telephoto zoom lens for my DSLR camera: the 70-300mm Canon Lens.

The 70-300mm Canon Lens has Image Stabilizer technology and Ultrasonic (silent) noice cancelling when focusing.

This lens isn't brand new. I bought it used. The cost of a new lens is about US$650 and to me was at US$275 used in good condition. The only relevant problem is a little noise while focusing but nothing too perturbant.

Macro shot of the lens. You can use Stabilizer mode 1 & 2 for some photo panning techniques.

A view of my lens arsenal. the only one missing here is the default 18-55mm standar lens which I used to take the picture.

Following are the respective entry post for my other lenses:

A friend of mine let me use his Nikon D3100 for a briefly period of time. 


bluedrakon said...

Beautiful lens and fun to work with. I have had this lens for years as I do nature Photography. It is a great addition to your lens collection.

I would only suggest getting a Lens Hood to keep ambient light from getting in from the sides.

Phossil said...

Yeah, thanks. I was thinking the same in my preliminary testing shots.