Ipod Touch 4g

If you have been following this blog you have been notice lately some Apple related posts. Well that is mostly because My brother has an Ipod Nano Touch 6g and Im the happy owner of an Ipod Touch 4g.

Here is the Ipod in its case.

I originally wanted an Iphone but getting an Iphone over here its rather difficult so I decided to get the Ipod touch instead. It's more cheaper and basically has the same functionality except I cant make phone calls nor have a data plan in the Ipod which I dont regret. I use a lot the free wireless networks I can find.

What's inside the box: Ipod Touch, Finger Tips manual, Apple stickers, Headphones and dock connector.

A view of the Ipod apps installed by default. I have installed social media apps and some games. What apps do you recommend to use/install?

I was curious about how the blog look in safari browser for Iphone/Ipod. Im thinking in edit a template of the site for mobile devices. Meanwhile thanks to all readers who visit animoe.net in mobile devices.

Trying out the Twitter client for Ipod. You are free to follow me in twitter at @phossil.

Im planning to use mostly my new Ipod to read pdf magazines, books and to stay current with anime shows. I have been watching Gosick (ゴシック) episodes in the Ipod. Will talk about the show in a later post.

One of the good thing about the Ipod Touch is that you can download apps meant to be to the Iphone. Here I downloaded Mirai Clock to cheer me up at work.

There is a poll embedded in this article.

What kind of Ipod user are you?


bluedrakon said...

I have an iPod 5th Generation which I got free from a vendor.

Since my new car has a jack for iPod/iPhone, I can listen to it while driving which is cheaper than Satellite radio and they don't offer jPop or jRock here anyway

btw: for got to add just iPod to the list :( < i vote from me

Anonymous said...

I have an iPod Nano 4th Generation myself but am planning to upgrade to a iPod Touch since I'm eyeing on the games.

Apple Accessories said...

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