For the uninitiated, Sukumizu (Japanese: スクール水着, lit. School Swimsuit), also known as “school mizugi”, is a variant of swimwear used in Japanese schools during swimming lessons.

Sometimes the sukumizu has a sign of the students number class. Following there is an entire moe gallery just for you. Enjoy!

I totally like girls und panzer in sukumizu.

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Gunslinger Love Live

Imagine the Love Live girls were gunslingers and each one has a special weapon to handle. Well this is exactly what artist Hiroki Ree has done in the following series of pictures. Enjoy!

Which is now your favorite Love Live girl?

Nico Nico Bang!!

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Sakura Haruno

In the Naruto World, I am a really big fan of Sakura Haruno and I think I'm not alone here. Enjoy!!

It has been quite a transition for her.

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