Angela Balzac moe gallery

From anime movie: Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled from Paradise, it's time for Angela Balzac moe gallery (the main protagonist of the movie). Enjoy.

Angela comes from a digital utopic world but due to her decisions she got expelled.

I love her blonde and long hair as her big... blue eyes. >_<

Source of images: Danbooru

Omake shot: Christine, Veronica and Hilde.

Cupcake Yukikaze

Figma Yukikaze loves eating cupcakes and today she wants to share with you that passion in a photoshoot. Enjoy!

Which is your favorite cupcake flavour? Chocolate, Vanilla?

August Giveaway

It has been a long time since my last giveaway but if you have been following us in Facebook or Twitter you are in luck for the upcoming giveaway where you can win Nendoroid - Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Suzuya figure.

This is an international contest so everyone in the world can participate and dont worry shipping is on me.
The spanish version of this giveaway is available here.


Maybe you have heard of this popular game for mobile devices called "Pokemon Go". (If not probably you live under a rock or you have an unsupported device).

Well, all you have to do is draw your favorite Pokemon. It does not matter if you are or are not good making drawings. The drawing is not required to be original but it is a must that it belongs to you. So in order to make sure it is your own creation, you have to add animoe's logo, a phrase or quote mentioning animoe somewhere in your drawning.

Scan your image and send it to me by email at

The drawing can be black/white or in color. Hand made or digital, its up to you.

Only one drawn per user is required.

I will randomly select one of the gladiators to be the winner (will contact by e-mail for his/her address).

All the images will be posted here as a blog post later so you give us explicit permission to publish your drawing.

It would be nice if you follow us in the different social media as well.

You have until August 21th to submit your drawning.