XPO Comicon

[Hack post] XPO Comicon is a comic and super heroe cosplay convention held in Guatemala. Here is a photo review of the event thanks to Facebook friends who uploaded the pictures. More photos in the photo link album of each one. Enjoy.

Kavin Mansilla Photography

El Hit Radio

Luis Aragon

Get Away Cosplay

Girls in chinese dress

Today's moe gallery is anime girls wearing chinese dress. Source of the images is the Internet and I can't give proper credit. Enjoy.

Do you like chinese dresses?

Miku seems great in that outfit!

I know the title of the post is girls, so this is an exception.

Girls wearing headphones

You can see these days a lot of girls wearing headphones and I think I haven't made a moe gallery of anime girls with headphones before. Enjoy and tell me if you like the gallery.

Girls look more moe with headphones.

Hearing your favorite music with headphones immerses in your world.

Omake shot:
Karen Kujuo likes to use headphones as well.

Source of the images: yande.re