Comiket 86

Time for a [photo hack] review post of Comic Market 86. Make sure to visit flickr friend stream galleries for more pictures.



Pic by Jeff Goodisson

This guy was cosplaying a softmap background? Lol.


Yowamushi Pedal cosplay

Kanon Serizawa

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Guatemala Relief Map

If you plan to visit Guatemala, make sure to venture into one of its interesting attractions in the city: The Relief Map (Mapa en Relieve). Located at Simeón Cañas Avenue, zone 2. The map itself is a representation of the geography of the country built in relief with mountains, volcanoes and lakes in a 1:10,000 scale.

Is open to visitors and surely a must see if you have limited time and can't travel across the hole country.

The Relief Map was made between 1904 and 1905 by the Guatemalan engineer Francisco Vela Irrisario.

Many locals come out to enjoy the festivities known as Jocotenango Fair in middle August, the perfect time to go and visit the map.

Feria de Jocotenango

National fair over here in Guatemala: "La Feria de Jocotenango" (Jocotenango's Fair) held in August 15th celebrated in honor of the city patron saint, the Virgin of the Assumption.

Very crowdy but very cheerful at the same time.

The most visited in the fair are the games like this Ferris Wheel known locally as "Rueda de Chicago" (Chicago's Wheel).

Balloons for the kids.

Traditional candies for sale some of them made out of coconuts.

Apples in candy.

While it can get a bit crowded and noisy, you can experience a really nice traditional guatemalan atmosphere at the fair. I think that the best is at night but that would be for the next year.

More pictures available at my Flickr stream.



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