Summer Fashion Show

Last weekend in shopping mall La Pradera in Guatemala city there was a fashion show. Here is a glance of the pictures I took of the event and the models for your enjoyment:

The lovely presenter of the event.

Girls in bathing suits modeling various designs for this summer.

I kind of fell in love with this girl.

There were also male models for you girls.

All access in the backstage

A pair of photographers who I bumped with.

More pictures available in my Flickr photostream here.

Kantai Collection

In a near future where we have lost control over oceans there is a group of girls who posesses the spirit of Japanese warships. Kantai Collection is an anime show based in the popular game KanColle.

Moe image gallery for your enjoyment ahead:

Is Kantai Collection in your watch list?

Maid outfit!

Who is your favorite girl?

Sleep well my ship girls.

Source of the images:

Bicentennial cathedral

The metropolitan cathedral in Guatemala celebrates 200 years since its construction. Its the biggest and oldest cathedral in Guatemala and has a lot of history for all Catholic people.

Here is a view of the external facade.

The main gate of the cathedral.

Central atrium. It has marble and floor decorations.

I liked this picture, specially the way the ligh appears in the atrium.

Detail of one of the wing doors.

At one side of the cathedral there is a museum with all kinds of religious implements but at the time it was closed.

More pictures are available at my Flickr stream.



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