Itasha cars

For all your Itasha needs, here is a special gallery of some moe pimped cars spotted in anime conventions. Source of the photos: Twitter.

Here is another gallery post available.

Retro Comic Convention

[Hack Post] Time for another convention photo review. This time is the Retro Comic Convention organized by our friends of Athena´s Kingdom Guatemala. Original photos were taken by facebook fans so make sure to check out their albums for more pics.

Calvin V FotografĂ­a

Following pics are thanks by Alexandr Ruperto

Lovely Sakura-chan. Is she a retro anime?

Some goodies available for purchase in the convention

Figma Cardcaptor Sakura

[Hack Post] Figma Sakura Kinomoto in Cardcaptor Sakura pink dress photoshoot by our friend Buubuchan. More pictures are available at Buubuchan entry post.

This is Figma figure no.244 original box. It includes many accesories.

I totally like and fell in love with this figure. It took a while to finally have a CCS in the figma universe.

Card created by Clow, Discard your old form and be reborn, Under the name of Sakura, The new mistresss!

You can also check out our Nendoroid Cardcaptor Sakura entry post in the blog.