[Hack Post] Manaka Komaki figurine from anime show To Heart in her maid address photoshoot for your enjoyment.

I love this figure because of the pose and its one of my favorites but too bad I dont own one yet.  Pictures are from Flickr user e-jump.

Are you a To Heart fan?

White pantsu.

Detail of her shoes and base.

Want to see more? There is a full gallery here

Nozomi Kiriya photoshoot

Long time since my last figure photoshoot.  Nozomi decided to cheer me up and pose for us in a cafe as background and this is the final result.

Starting today, Im uploading bigger resolutions of the pictures I took to my Flickr account in case anyone decides to use them as wallpaper in your computer desktop.

Have you seen anime show Mayoi_Neko_Overrun! ? (迷い猫オーバーラン!)

I love her legs.

A complete image gallery is available at my Flickr stream.

turtleneck open chest blouse

The new fashion in Japan: the turtleneck open chest blouse, has brought a series of images to internet and thanks to pixiv artists here are a few of them:

Poor Nico, she dont have enough to fill it up.

You like girls with big oppai?

Asuka is wearing the red variation.

Source of the images: Pixiv



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