Ballet Guatemala

The 2014 ballet season is over and last weekend I went to national theatre to watch a live performance of a selection of Tchaikovsky ballets at the Guatemala National Theatre.

Here is an outside view of the theater:

It was crowded but I expected the theater to be full for the last presentation.

The red curtain before begin

Are you into ballet dancing? If not here are some reasons why you should:

An act of the famous Swan Lake

More pictures are available at my Flickr album

Yowamushi Pedal

The most commented and cosplayed anime show of the season: Yowamushi Pedal (弱虫ペダル). The anime goes around road racing cycling what makes it amazing.

Is Yowapeda in your watchlist? Image gallery for your enjoyment.

Comiket 86

Time for a [photo hack] review post of Comic Market 86. Make sure to visit flickr friend stream galleries for more pictures.



Pic by Jeff Goodisson

This guy was cosplaying a softmap background? Lol.


Yowamushi Pedal cosplay

Kanon Serizawa

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