Travel Logs: Germany

Do you remember my trips to Rio de Janeiro or Dallas, Texas? Well, this time I made a complete jump of faith. I traveled to Germany. More specifically to the city of Berlin. I began my trip with my spanish favorite airline Iberia.

There are not direct flights from Guatemala to Germany, so first a little stop at Madrid, Spain, in the international Barajas airport.

At my arrival at Berlin, I came very late at night and with jetlag, so no pictures from it. But at next day I started using the metro system.

And my first metro station to take a picture was Haupbhanhof.

The main reason of my travel to Germany is because I'm going to study at the Humboldt University for the following year. Here is the central main building.

Alexander Humboldt was a german explorer and discoverer.

Being here in Berlin has been amazing. Last sunday I went to main Cathedral church for service.

Pictures are only allowed if you pay the touristic fee but since I was very early for church service it was free. Here is a little view of the inside.

I'm getting used to the public transport service. At beginning I find it quite complicated to do the change from the underground metro to the S-Bahn service (elevated railway service).

The most touristic (and centric) visited place is Alexanderplatz. In here you can find the TV tower of Berlin (similar like the Tokyo Tower) is the most biggest and reconocible structure in the entire city.

Also in here there is a World Clock where you can see global time of all major cities of the world.

More pictures are in my Flickr album here. Also expect future posts of my adventures in the city.

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I'm Yukikaze, eighth ship of the Kagerou-class destroyer.

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