Corpse Party

I'm not too much into "gore" anime but I came with this show called Corpse Party by suggestion of some of my friends and although is an OVA I liked it and I think it has potential.

Some images for your enjoyment:

Monster Girls are real and they want to date us! Monster Musume is a hilarious and comic anime show, featuring mythical creature girls with different personalities and desires.

My favorite monster girl is Miia, a half human in the top and half snake at the bottom

Have you watched Monster Musume? Share your thoughts in the comment box.

Omake shot: Because monster girls need some love too!

Dollfie Dream Asuna joined me for a photowalk at Univ. de San Carlos (USAC) - national university in Guatemala. She was wearing her brand new brown school seifuku uniform (marine style school uniform from Japan).

Enjoy the pictures!!

It has been a long time since my last photoshoot but I always have fun taking pictures to Asuna. :)

She is a natural model as you can see.

Ups, what kind of shot is this? I think I slipped my finger in the camera button. I swear! Lol.

So many pictures to choose from. More potos are available at my flickr stream.



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