Guatemalan park zoo La Aurora, is one of the biggest attractions of the city region. It has many species in a protected environment, from birds to leopards. There is even a little aquarium and a serpentarium.

The animals aren't in cages. They are in a simulated open field from their places of origin. There are specific view spots for us to watch them in a secure manner.

Im glad I took my 70-300mm lens for this trip.  Most of the pictures here were taken with that lens.

Guatemala is a tropical country but in the zoo you can watch Humboldt penguins. The penguins have an estricted diet and controlled temperature water transparent tank.

The most recent attraction of the zoo: Yellow tail lemurs!

Tigers are like the bigger brothers of cats. I would like to go and hug them but only if they have ate their meal first.

More pictures available at my flickr stream.

Alter Momohime

[Hack Post] From the Wii game Muramasa: The Demon Blade (朧村正), manufacturer company Alter designed this PVC figure: Momohime, the young princess and main character of the game.

Thanks to Flickr users Sienar3 and Fabian H (wieselhead) for the amazing photos.

I totally love the pose and colors of Momohime figure.

The wii game is back from 2009 and the first release of the figure from 2010. Have you guys played the game before?

Omake Shot:
Momohime and Kongiku (The fox girl deity).

[Hack Post] Thanks to Flickr user Stereometric we post Kotobukiya figurine Kuroneko from Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai in Sweet Lolita Version.

Detail of her shoe and figure base.


The skirt is fully removable leaving Kuroneko in panties.

I totally love Kuroneko's thight details.

Full Flickr gallery for your enjoyment here.

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