It took awhile but finally Cardcaptor Sakura got the nendoroid threatment. Im a big fan of the anime show and Im sure Im not alone here.

[Hack] gallery post for your enjoyment. Pictures ahead are property of Flickr user Avalon Jane.

Sakura surely looks cute.

Wearing her battle pink costume and The Litttle card in the back.

Playing with different outfits from other nendoroids.

Time to go to bed and sleep.

Shihodo Narika photoshoot

Reviving another blog figure photoshoot. This time is PVC figure of Shihodo Narika Choko Sennin Ver. made by Alter back in 2009. Source of the pictures is Kodomut's blog site.

I always wanted this figure. Is extremely well sculpted with a lot of detail.

I love girls with twin tails.

She looks good in front the lights of the city.

Trigger Heart Exelica

Back in 2007, Alter released this amazing PVC figure: Trigger Heart Exelica.  Its the main heroin of a space shoot everything game with the same name.  [Hack] photos after the jump:

Close detail of her... parts.

I remember my good friend James from France who had his site exelica-meteor and he had this figure too. Now his site is closed.

Source of the pictures is Super_Rats flickr album. He has a blog site but went on hiatus at HappySoda as well.



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