Holy Week is one of the most waited and desired events for catholic people over here, mostly because the holydays and the magnificient processions in all over the country.

The pinnacle of the week is Holy Thursday, when some of the most well-known processions, like Jesús Nazareno de Candelaria, leave their churches very early and move through the city over the course of the night and into the next day.

More wooden carpet pictures here.

The procession is accompanied by many marchers (called Cucuruchos). I guess they were more than 1,000 man taking turns to carry the wooden platform.

The size of the wooden platform in the procession is measured depending of how many men are required to carry it.

Women and children participate as well in the processions, carrying smaller versions of the wooden platforms.

Virgin Mary of Sorrows.

There is also food, local cuisine and drinks for sale in the streets for viewers.

As the procession passed by the streets, its necessary to clean all the mess and junk left by.

More pictures are available at my Flickr Stream.

Jueves Santo Zaragoza

Last year I went on a trip to Spain for Holy Week (Semana Santa) and was able to see the religious festivities. I spent Thursday Easter in Zaragoza and was invited to photograph the procession of a local parish. Pictures after the jump:

The preparations began very early in the morning.

Religious church service before the procession could start.

Picture of the scort of the procession.

Parish Our Lady of Del Carmen.

Faithful devotees dressed as penitents.

Different congregations acompany the procession (and a little girl too).

More pictures are available at my flickr stream.

Akiba Show 2014

Past weekend was the Akiba Show anime convention in Guatemala City. As usual, there were cosplayers, food, TCG and other goodies.

Unfortunately I came very late to the event and only managed to arrive to watch the concert at the end of the day.

A general view of how crowded the concert was.

Marisa de Lille, who gave her voice for the latin american openings of Sailor Moon and other anime shows.

Feel free to tag yourself if you appear in the photo.

My favorite picture of Marisa de Lille.

Later appeared Ricardo Silva, who gave his voice for some Disney shows and probably his most memorable work, the Dragon Ball Z theme, Cha-La Head-Cha-La, latin american version.

I laughed a lot with the face expresion of this guy in red.

Some other pictures of the event. I realize I took very few of the event. Recognize this fella?

Cutie girlie filming the concert.

There were some cosplayers from Costa Rica as well.

If you have more pictures of the event leave a link in the comment box and share.



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