Long Riders!

Long Riders! (ろんぐらいだぁす!) is the brand new anime show of the season. Based in the manga with the same name, follows the story of Amy Kurata, a university student who falls in love of biking and a folding bicycle.

I totally like this show. Somehow it resembles to Hidamari Sketch and Yowamushi Pedal.

Do you like and enjoy riding a bike? Then this show is for you!

Omake shot:

Behold that ass!!

Running late with a toast

Today's moe gallery are girls running late with a piece of toast bread. Enjoy!

Not precisely a toast, but a melonpan.

Even ace attorney Phoenix Wright is sometimes late.

Source of images: Google-san.


For the uninitiated, Sukumizu (Japanese: スクール水着, lit. School Swimsuit), also known as “school mizugi”, is a variant of swimwear used in Japanese schools during swimming lessons.

Sometimes the sukumizu has a sign of the students number class. Following there is an entire moe gallery just for you. Enjoy!

I totally like girls und panzer in sukumizu.

Source of images: yande.re