Uploaded more cosplay pictures of SuperHero-Con. I also meet blogger friends Cori (Who I took a picture of her but didnt turn out well) from Shinseki and @xGuido. There were also a lot of anime kudasai fans.

Guess who she is? Mio from K-On!

Naruto Group cosplay. Wait a sec, who is that guy in black?? Lol.

Lady maid Kakashi. My favorite cosplay girl.

This girl wasnt cosplaying at all but she is cute already

Another favorite cosplay girl. Can you tell me what character was she cosplaying? I have the impression I've seen it before but dont know for sure.


Seantaku said...

LOL Lady Maid Kakashi! I love it!

Yi said...

That Kakashi looks a little bit off, but cute cosplay nonetheless.

Murasaki Briss said...

The Nurse, is from Ikkitousen too: Ryomu Shimei, this was a version B nurse, from the figures
I just got the patch on the wrong eye :P got a little confused, sorry xD

Fabrice said...

I agree with Yi that Kakashi looks a little bit off, BUT!
i think overall its a nice try =)
from all of them so kuddos

Phossil said...

@Seantaku: I think it was because of her eyes ^^

@Yi: Wonder for how many fans she had to pose?

@Murasaki Briss: You are the girl from the cosplay? Cool. Thanks for the clarification and for your comment. Hope to see you more often around.

@Fabrice: I still have the idea girls cosplays more than boys.