girls with umbrellas gallery

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Winter is coming nearby and I have prepared a moe girl with unbrellas image gallery to cheer you up. 


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Anonymous said...

>girls with umbrellas
>no Touhou

I'm sad :(

53RG10 said...

Ah...there is on Touhou character.


(but not Kogasa, Yukari, or Yuka)

Fabrice said...

I like girls with umbrella's makes them look cute XD

well depending on the situation but ye =)

Phossil said...

@53rg10: Will do an exclusive Touhou gallery in a few posts, so dont worry. ^^

@Fabrice: I dont like girls with umbrellas when they are using them as weapons against you. XD

Reltair said...

Winter? Isn't Summer coming up? :O

Optic said...

Winter is just around the corner here.
Is the 2nd one Konata? 0_o

Yi said...

I love the pictures. Cute gallery. My favorites are 1, 4, and 5. Umbrellas and rain are always kind of romantic.

Persocom said...

WIN: Parsee!

Also like the Idolmaster girl one :3