Hiyori Tamura Indoor photoshoot

This time, Hiyori did a indoor photoshoot while she was visiting Intecap's TICs Center Facilities, a couple of weeks ago. Was like going back to school. More pictures after the jump:

More pictures in the Figures pool at Flickr.
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Nopy said...

I didn't know figmas could stand by themselves. I might get one if they can all do that.

Fabrice said...

Did you use like blu tack ?

^^ like nopy i didnt know, since mine keeps on falling D:

Anyway nice shots!

Phossil said...

@Nopy: It takes some time balancing.

@Fabrice: Try to pose your figure more naturally. ^^

Reltair said...

Nice photos as always! My memory is a bit vague on that particular character though. >_<

Persocom said...

hey I love the setting for the pictures, that's really cool :)