Madou Souhei Kleinhasa Eroge

After reading Wolfheinrich's blog post about game progress, I decided to look for and download Madou Souhei Kleinhasa, a PC eroge game from Triangle.

Hemisphere, also has made a good review of the game, with pictures and comments.

Have you played eroge games before?

The game seems highly impressive, mostly because of the heroines. I search the game in the cloud, and after downloaded it in parts I joined using File Splitter and Joiner.

Now after installation, I think I will need to set up my PC regional settings to japanese, so I can play the game. Dont know if there is a English patch or similar.


Nopy said...

I've tried playing Da Capo and SHUFFLE, but they're both so long that I haven't gotten to any ero scenes yet. The only visual novel I've ever finished was Planetarian, but that wasn't an eroge.

Reltair said...

Playing it in Japanese? I lose interest when I can't precisely understand what's going on.

Phossil said...

@Nopy: Did you enjoyed planetarian?

@Reltair: Why cant they give support for other languages besides japanese? English maybe?

bluedrakon said...

I haven't gotten into any of those type of games. I am not a gamer any who :(
I agree that to get a wider audience, they should translate to English - maybe that may spark some interest even for me.

Lightoss said...

Im actually playing little busters and it's actually mi first visual novel, im also download SHUFFLE Essence+, this novel seems interesting i will give it a try.

Katsura-chan said...

I play Eroge games but only those in English which drastically limit how many i can play.
Many games i heard about were never translated, sadly :(
For now i'm looking for Yuri games.

Yi said...

I've played some yuri eroge and a few Nitroplus ones. They're all pretty good. I try to play them in English though as much as possible