Fall of the Berlin Wall Festivities photopost

The German Embassy Team from here invited all interested people to the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. I have some Deutsch friends so I went to see the activities and to take some pictures covering the event for the blog. Pictures after the jump:

The event was covered by local media. A cute girl was doing the interviews. I think she was talking in german. Almost everyone was speaking in german. Me? I only can speak in Spanish, English and some Portuguese. Actually Im self studying Japanese.

As part of Embassy activities, there was travel info for people who was interested in Deutschland culture and also info about the Fall of the Berlin Wall. I always have wondered, Its the same to refer to Deutschland as Germany?

There was plenty of security in the activities. When I saw this line I first thought there was free food or free donuts. Well, it was noon so I was hungry.

The food wasnt free. You had to pay for it. A lot of Sausages and beer but was local beer, too bad it wasnt German beer which I would like to try.

Also there was some commemorative painting exposition given by art students.

Kagami was curious about the acrylic used for the paintings and she decided to help a little in the art exposition.

Cute student girls doing some special dancing for the event. This was the best part of the festivities.

And finally music. Funny to see how the musicians were dressed. It was a cool detail.

As part of the festivities there was going to be a rock concert in the night but I left early in the afternoon.


Yi said...

That event looks pretty fun. When I took German in school, my teacher always gave us treats on anniversaries of the Berlin Wall fall. It is really quite a significant event.

Anyway, that one student is pretty cute, as is Kagami.

Blowfish said...

Ah so you have some friends over here?
If you ever visit Germany be sure to drop by my place. :P

Ahh...Please dont get the impression that all the stuff resembles whole germany ^^;;
Those musicians are for example bavarian :P

"Its the same to refer to Deutschland as Germany?"

Umm what do you mean? Germany is the english word for Deutschland but we are of course refering to ourself as Deutschland.

Uh did I answer that question?^^;;

You had German in School?
Das ist ja gro├čartig!

Phossil said...

@Yi: I found German language kind of difficult to learn, but I would like to be able to speak it. ^^

Only know Guten Morgen. Lol.

@Blowfish: Yeah, good friends, and you are one of them too!

I know my English isnt perfect but when I saw Deutschland I thought it was an English word.

Blowfish said...


Haha dont worryb youre english is great.Atleast you are a hundred tims better than me!
Thank you Im honored!

German is indeed a very difficult language to learn.Most other languages are rather easy compared to German.
Here im gonna tell you some more Vocab:

Guten Tag and Guten Abend


Persocom said...

looks pretty cool, nice to see festivities celebrating something as meaningful as the fall of the Berlin wall ^^