TCG-Con Cosplay - part2

Here is the second part of TCG Anime Convention review. You can visit Argos blogsite for a complete review of the convention and dcast063 youtube user for some videos of the event. More pictures after the jump.

Rin (from Fate/Stay Night) cosplay. She represented very well the character. There were another Rin cosplayers but she was better. Unfortunatelly there was no Saber cosplay, being Saber more difficult to cosplay.

The event also had computer games. Some Starcraft fans were playing in tournament mode.

Beware of Samurai girls.

Luigi and Wario? What are they doing here? Mario was around but couldnt take a picture of him.

Mr. Bobo (Mr. Popo in original dub) and what's the name of the othey guy? Not much of a Dragon Ball fan. I only watched the first season of the show.

Two cute cosplayers. Dont know for sure wat show they were cosplaying, but was good.

Kaonashi (from Spirited Away) and Sailor Mars.

Something new in the convention was this fun game: Reto Ramen. It was an eat as-fast-as-you can Ramen competition. The Ramen was very hot and spicy making it difficult to eat quickly. The contest reminded a similar competition from Samurai Champloo, but the organizator took the idea from Naruto show. Any guesses who won??

You can view the rest of the photostrem in my flickr account.


Seantaku said...

That DBZ picture is of Popo and Gohan dressed as The Great Saiyaman.

Great pictures. I love the Spirit away costume. Very well done!

Shin Asuka said...

Uguuu, no Ranka and/or other Macross Frontier character?

Black apparition thingy from Spirited Away looks cute!

Nopy said...

lol, Saiyaman is awesome

Yi said...

That maid on the left is pretty cute. Cute cosplayers indeed.

Reltair said...

I've eaten that ramen before and found it somewhat spicy; I'm not really used to eating spicy foods.

Who won? o_O

Phossil said...

@Seantaku: Now Iknow more about DBZ.

@Shin Asuka: Good point. I would like to view a Ranka or MF cosplay in here.

@Nopy: Are you a DBZ fan?

@Yi: Yeah, very cute. I gave to some of them my meishi.

@Reltair: Some pleople might think the guy in black won (far left) but was the guy besides him who won.^^

Blowfish said...

Who cares about Saber?
Rin is better anyway :P

That Ramen Eating contest sounds like fun.Did they have to use chopsticks?

Optic said...

U my friend will get a bashing from Saber fanboys. :P

Well, what's a convention without LAN gaming huh.

Blowfish said...

GNDYnames is rather busy with studying at the moment so Im save :P

Saber is alright but im not that much of a fan of her even though my figures may say different ^^

Phossil said...

@Blowfish: Saber fans, Rin fans, there is room for everyone.

Yeah, they used chopsticks for eating the ramen. It was so funny!

@Optic: So, it is ussual to have LAN gaming in anime/tcg conventions?