TCG-Con Cosplay - part1

Last weekend I went to TCG Argos Convention at Industry Park. I bring my camera and took some pictures of the event. I also was carrying with me animoe name cards to promote the blog. Pictures follows.

The event started this time at 9.30 am and there were some enthusiasts who arrived early - like me. ^^ I think this was the first time the Convention starts in the morning and lasts until the afternoon. (6pm).

The cosplay is the main reason pleople come to the convention. Here is a very good Death Note cosplay. Have you seen DN?? The girl surely looks like Misa Amane.

Do you recognize this cosplay? I think its from Rozen Maiden.

I really liked this cosplay, specially the Hokage girl.

Rozen Maiden Cosplay. My favorite RM character in the show was Suiseiseki.

Rozen Maiden with another cosplaying group. I cant tell what show were they cosplaying.

The girl in white is a cutie dont you think?

This time Rin was present from Vocaloid and Miku is not around.


Seantaku said...

Nice pictures! I really liked the Death Note cosplay!

Yi said...

Nice Amane Misa cosplay. She really nailed it. Love the other costumes as well. I'm impressed that that group got a full set of Rozen Maiden.

Reltair said...

Death Note was so good for the first arc. Nice photos!

Nopy said...

I like the hokage girl and death note cosplay.

Phossil said...

This is the first part. I will upload the second part soon. >_<

Marcos said...

I think that the other group (in the image of Rozen Maiden with another cosplaying group) represents some of the characters of Kuroshitsuji.

Sunao said...

The other group with Rozen Maiden are Characters from Kuroshitsuji Anime and Manga.

Kazearashi said...

Nee moar Miku! D= but nice to see Rin there at least... xD

Blowfish said...

Yay! And did you hand out your meishis? :P

Phossil said...

@Marcos & Sunao: Thanks for the info. Im searching in google for Kuroshitsuji.

@Kazearashi: I would like to have all the Vocaloid gang cosplaying.

@Blowfish: Shure. I gave a lot of meishis to cosplayers and observers in the event.

Optic said...

My favourite is Shinku. Many ppl don't like her for whatever reason and that's one of the reasons why i like her. xD

U should've got a group photo with the Rozen Maiden group. ;)