New Vista user

Windows Vista Ostan
I dont like to admit it but now I am a new Windows Vista user at the job. I havent used Vista before and the transition between XP and Vista has a great gap for me. Have you tried Vista?

For me, Windows XP was (I mean Is) a major hit in Windows OS history, and for my surprise, many of the good features you could find in XP are missing in Vista. I dont want to go into details like graphics and performance compared with Vista, but for example, the panel action in XP was "gently" replaced in Vista, and now if you wanted to do some common folder actions (like create new folder) which was at one click away, now it is at two clicks away.

And not only that. I have found that the sharing of a folder process has two options the wizardly choice and the advance sharing, being this last one the one you find familiar with XP. You can find some other layouts to be similar with XP, but mainly the XP familiar names are relatively changed a little bit.

I think new Vista users who werent users of XP before will have a smooth transition into this new OS. For me, Vista is kind of complicated, and ]Im having a forced taste into this new system. I have more expectations and give more good stars to Windows 7, the next Microsoft release. Be honest and tell me if you like somehow Vista??

I consider Vista as a butchered early version being Windows 7 the official release or What Vista should have been. I recall one time I had to give some tech support for Vista. I guess its my turn to be the user this time.


hikky said...

Liked Vista when it came out in 2007. Still prefer it over XP.
XP was the most buggy OS I used so far, Bluescreens ftw. Just think about the days before SP2!
Didn't have much problems with Vista sop far. But what's still crap is the Repair Option.
Had to do a BCD repair lately: Couldn't repair My Ultimate x64 with the x64 isc BUT with the x86 disc. Strange.
And yes I agree with you about the networking stuff @ Vista. Everything is a lot of clicks away
Having a network with 3 XP PCs and 2 Vista PCs I was going nuts in the first days in 2007.

Win 7 looks good so far, will hopefully just have to use it with Bootcamp as I'm going to switch to OS 10.5.7, unfortunately those Apple machines aren't that cheap.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm getting a little worried since my next computer will most likely come with Vista. >.< Guess I'll just have to get use to it?

Phossil said...

@Hikky: at the moment I dont have problems with Vista, only that everything is in diferent locactions from where it was in XP.

@thecococafe: I think you will be very comfortable with Vista. Its a good change for moving into 7. ^^

Mo5Fest said...

Well, I like Vista. But not as much as XP though. I felt that it's a little slow for Vista. Oh well, what the heck I'm waiting for Win 7 now.

@hikky so you haven't used Win ME after all?

B-Mecha said...

omg, the vista girl is so moe <3

windows 7 will be release on october 2009. currently im a xp user so i would consider to skip vista n use 7 instead :). i heard windows 7 is much better than vista, based on the review of the beta tester.