The long interview process

Now that Im unemployed, I have been attending a lot of business interviews in different companies and let me tell you, its a very exhausting activity.

It is really a very long process before you could think you have a job. Mainly, first you have a talk with a guy of the company . If you do OK, you have to do all sorts of tests and evaluations. Later, if you are still alive and interested to this point in the application you have another meeting but now with a HR person. Have this passed to you??

I understand companies are always looking for talented persons, but I still dont know why some companies have so many test when applying for a job opening. And the most probably thing is that you will not get picked in the process.

Im curious about if this is a general process or if there is another and shorter process when applying for a job opening near where you live. By the moment, Im still waiting for any form of communication with Google, maybe they lost my application.


sonic_ver2 said...

Heee... never knew about that. You might want to befriend someone from HR and make him / her told you a thing or two about the employment process.

Anyway, lately global economic crisis made those business company became even stricter in taking in employee. That could be another reason.

Seantaku said...

So far I've only worked Retail which you either get hired or you don't. I'm not an "office" type person so if all goes according to plan I won't have to deal with all that craziness. I just want to do voice acting for a living. lol

Snark said...

Yeah, I'd imagine it's pretty tough applying for the job at the moment. Good luck though!

Personally, I'm not looking forward to graduating and the subsequent job hunting. Law students are fucking competitive bastards >_>

Phossil said...

@Sonic_ver2: You gave me an idea: invite the HR guy/girl for some keypoints.

@Seantaku: I dont consider myself an exclusive Office type person. I dont like neckties at all.

@Snark: I think being in college is a great time in your life.

Persocom said...

I think the process is the same everywhere, unless you wanna work in the fast food industry they'll hire just about anyone without thinking twice. Good luck getting in Google, maybe you should resend your application and maybe try and befriend someone who works there.

Optic said...

It's quite similar here minus the HR ppl. I don't get why they are invole considering they do all the paperwork for the company but different companies in different countries have their ways.

Not only are they looking for talented ppl with skills in the field but also ur personality and see if ur the right guy or gal who will get along with the team. If they hate u or u hate them, u ain't gonna last long.

Phossil said...

@Persocom: I will resend my cv. Even working in the food industry is difficult i think.

@Optic: Im agree. I had worked with people who cant do teamwork or are too lazy.