Konata photoshoot

setting Konata as a Wallpaper?

Now its Konata's time for a photoshoot. Im a Konata's fan and last weekend I decided to take some pictures of Konata (from Lucky Star). For this photo session, I tried another options for my camera, like for example the ISO set up to 200.

There are some pictures that turn well in my opinion, but there were some a little grainy for my taste. Anyway, here are the pictures for your pleasure:

a low angle photo.. I really like this one

Konata was feeling very happy with the photoshoot. She even was suggesting some poses. ^^


And finally, another low angle picture, featuring Konata's pantsu. ^^

You can view the complete set in my Flickr account.


Seantaku said...

Love it! Konata is definitely awesome, though I think I'd have to say Kagami is my favorite.

The way Konata and Kagami fight reminds me of Cartman and Kyle from South Park. They are friends, but always bickering.

Nopy said...

I've thought about getting a Konata figma since I don't have any Lucky Star figures, but I just don't like the way the joints look.

Blowfish said...

I never managed to get good results with a screen as background.Good Job!

Phossil said...

@Seantaku: I have Kagami as well. Maybe next photoshoot She will be in there.

@Nopy: What do you think of dolfies?? Do you like them??

@Blowfish: thx. Some pics got a weird effect in the color tones because of the screen.

Seantaku said...

I'd love to see some Kagami pics! ;-)

Snark said...

As always, very nice photos!

Odd though, I've never actually seen a Lucky Star figma in a store (aside from Akihabara), did they sell out quick?

sonic_ver2 said...

Nice photos! I like it! And yeah... need Kagami x Konata photos here! XD

Do you have any problem with your figma Konata, like it's hard to connect the peg to her hair?

Mine is hard at first, but now it's kinda loose, and Konata easily got off from the peg.

Nopy said...

@Phossil: To tell you the truth, dollfies scare me. I guess it was because I watched "Child's Play" when I was little and I've been scared of dools ever since. Figures are ok though because they look different.

Phossil said...

@Seantaku: comment logged. Turn on next week. :P

@Snark: Konata was hard to find for me because they were run out from everywhere.

@Sonic_ver2: Lol. The same happens for me and not only with Konata, Nanoha Figma too. ^^

@Nopy: Yeah, I have seen some scary Gothic Dollfies that looks very real..

super rats said...

I think they came out looking good. Not that grainy like you were saying.

Persocom said...

Nice Konata pictures, they look better then the ones I took when I got mine ^^

Fariz Asuka said...

Nice pictures of Konata.. I am still wondering how you manage to get a clean shot of the screen.. =3

gordon said...

looking at konata's pantsu seems so wrong. somehow it doesn't feel sexy at all. one wouldn't look at a tomboy's pantsu right? ('~')

Phossil said...

@Super rats: thx. They looked a little grainy before I downsize them.

@Persocom: The main reason of my photoshoot was because you took Konata pictures before..

@Fariz Asuka: photoshop. ^^

@Gordon: Lol. not the best pantsu at all.

Kazearashi said...

Nice pictures! Konata looks cute xD

I still need to take picture of my Lucky Star gang... Bought Miyuki a few weeks ago, but still haven't got the chance to take photoshoot of em... D:

Lylibellule said...

Hoooo, this background really adapts with all the figures. Your photographs of Konata are splendid!

Phossil said...

@Kazearashi: Miyuki is in hold list then. ^^

@Lylibellule: The background is inspired in DC.com, but I think next shots I'll use another backgrounds.