Swimsuits gallery

Who says summer is over?? I know I didnt go to the beach last week, but that doesnt mean I cant have some 2D girls in swimsuits, right? Enjoy!!

Source of the images: moe.imouto.org


Seantaku said...

Thanks for posting on my blog! I just found yours the other day through a post you made on Animatic Figmation. Like most blogs I enjoy, I sat here and went through every single one of your entries. lol.

Keep up the great work and consider me a new follower!

Oh yeah, nice pictures!

Panther said...

Who are the 1st and 4th girls?

Nopy said...

That's a nice little collection you've got there. I like the one of Tamaki Kousaka best :D

Snark said...

Imo-chan in the tube was fucking hilarious XD

hynavian said...

Where are the swimsuit guys? I request that you share those rarity 99 ones with everyone! (^_^)v

sonic_ver2 said...

Hmm... those girls are looking sooo delicious, especially Seena Kanon and Tamaki Kousaka.

Phossil said...

@Seantaku: thx, I feel motivated to keep going.

@Panther: dunno.

@Nopy: I like it a lot too!

@Snark: Are you Imo-chan fan now??

@hynavian: I will consider your request.

@sonic_ver2: I would like to be with them for real..^^

Israfel said...

Hello nice gallery hope to see more of this interesting contribution.

Mo5Fest said...

they all look delicious especially Tamaki >->