Semana Santa

Semana Santa (Holly Week) is a catholic celebration and in Guatemala usually for these days takes place something called Processions where Huge biers with priceless colonial effigies of Christ, the apostles and the Virgin Mary are borne by the penitents. Weighing over three and a half tons, they are carried by teams of 80 to 100 people.

One aspect of holy week processions are the elaborate and stunningly beautiful coloured carpets made by hand out of flower petals, pine needles and vividly dyed sawdust.

There are some special procession for devoted women and children. These processions are somehow smaller and more lighter than their counterparts.

The most memorable processions happens in Antigua Guatemala but there are almost processions en every part of the country.

Source of the image: Semana Santa in Guatemala flickr group.


Persocom said...

Looks pretty colorful and interesting ^^

meronpan said...

uwa, 3.5 tons?! that's insane! i've always wanted to take part in some sort of procession like that though... the japanese temples also have something like that where they carry the... whatever it is thing to the shrine ^^;; hmm don't konata and kagamin ride one in the ova? ^^;;

Phossil said...

I like to watch it because there are very good designs and I dont take part entirely in the procession. ^^