Blog updates

Let me see...Nanoha's photoshoot will have to wait.

I had planned to do a post about Nanoha photoshoot I did last weekend, but at the end I decided to shout out about the new updates I did to the site.

First, you will find in the right panel, the google blog translator. Now you can read the posts in your favorite language (out of 9 languagues to choose) but be warned, because its an automatic translation and sometimes dont translates very well, mostly because of my English. I did the test with Spanish and I hardly understand some lines. I also tried the japanese and in this case it was very funny to see my blog in kana (japanese characters).^^

Another cool coding I did was the Random post generator (at the botton of the page). If you feel bored, click in the link and that will lead you to another boring post published by me. This way probably you will be getting out of that borinness posting a comment on early posts.

Looking at the design of the site, I didnt notice before, but the image borders dont show up very well (the right border). I tried to fix that in css but unsuccessfully. I will need to debug slowly the source code to try to find the problem. If you feel interested you might help looking at my page source code.

Thats it by the moment. Im thinking in some other additions to the site, but by now, Im more interested in your comments and feedback to this fresh updates.


Anonymous said...

Nice updates!!!
La traduccion al español es bien rara.....

Anonymous said...

I tried to put the translator on my blog once ...

I failed totally :D

but it's a really nice feature :)

Snark said...


Now if only I could read any of those other languages, I'd try it >_>

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your blog updates.. ^^

I did thought of putting a translator but I know it will end up quite funny after the translation.. xD

Phossil said...

@Lightosan: Cierto, en especial por mi gramatica en el Ingles.^^

@James: Thx. Maybe I can help you. I used javascript.

@Snark: a new resolution for new year perhaps?

@Fariz Asuka: yeah, You end up with a funny and weird translation, but thats because it is automated.