Tech arrival surprise

whaat? a box on my desktop?A view of the new arrivals.

Today I found on my desktop two boxes, the small one (DHL) contained my OCA certification welcome kit and the big one,... guess what... well it was a new laptop Dell that I got for job use in the office (many of my coworkers got one too).

More images below. For my malaysian readers, this particular laptop, (it is a Dell Latitude D830) was made in Malaysia. Haruhi also wanted a new picture with the computer featuring a Clannad wallpaper (The first thing I did was to setup the wallpaper..^_^).

Made in Malaysia Sticker.Haruhi is happy for the new laptop!

Too bad the laptop wasnt a Mac. At first, when I was told about the boxes I thought the boxes were Hatsune Miku Nendoroid, which at the moment will be arriving soon (probably in two weeks). But for a new years start this is a great deal from the managers of the office.


Anonymous said...

Ugh new laptop, can your company send me 1 too? xDD

I'm saving up money for a laptop currently, cutting down figure buying, I hope I can make it... xD

Snark said...

That's pretty neat. Enjoy the shiny new laptop!

Anonymous said...

I can get discount from Dell if I purchase a laptop through my company but the paper work are a piece of shit and my boss said no. :S

Oh well, I'm planning to get a mac in the future.

Phossil said...

@Kazearashi: Sure, but you will have to work in here... lol.

@Snark: I totally will.

@Optic: New stuff is always welcome and better is its free or less expensive (even for job use).

Anonymous said...

why do they need such a big box for a laptop? ('~')

Anonymous said...

I also need a laptop, haha. XD

My dad won't buy me one until I go to collage... D:

Phossil said...

@Gordon: Its a common box design.

@SpiritRubi: dont worry, maybe you get one sooner.