TOEFL little guide

A little guide (FAQ) for every new TOEFL taker. I know people have frequent questions but I concluded in some answers:

- What is the TOEFL? Its an standarized test that evaluates the proficiency of an individual to use and understand Standard American English. With Standarized test I mean everyone who is taking the test with you will get the same questions and requiriments (at least if it is taken at the same place and the same date).

- Which section(s) of the TOEFL are difficult? All the sections are difficult and all are very important at the same time. The worst enemy in the test is the time. I finished every section in the exact given time, no chance to review my answers.

- Any advice for TOEFL now that you had take it? Practice, practice and practice. If your mother tongue is different than English, then practice would help. I feel the writting section was piece of cake because blogging was helpful. Also practicing speaking and watching English shows/movies without subtitles might help.

- What TOEFL aid did I use? I used the demo test ETS gives after registration. I also used the following books: Kaplan Toefl IBT and Cracking the Toefl. The books gave me an idea of what to expect in the real test and there were good tips. The real test wasnt too different.

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Snark said...

Handy guide you've got there =)

Anyways, good to know you've survived the test!