Miku nendo quick photoshoot

Miku's first photoshootMiku's First photoshoot

A quick photoshoot of Miku Hatsune that I recently did in my cubicle at the office. Well, the background colors almost match Miku's colors so i think i did good.

Do you think the lightning was ok? I was in a hurry so I just took few pictures this time, but I promise to add more later.

Miku nendo quick photoshoot

Next photoshoot will be Nanoha's at the same style that I did with Haruhi. In there will comment about the technique that I used.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos.You really have to be carefull with the nendos because they broke very easy....,the light is very good :)

Snark said...

Haha, looking cute there XD

And yeah, your cubicle matches strangely well with her colours...I smell a conspiracy!

Anonymous said...

Cubicle shoot. Nice! My desk at work right now is totally boring, absolutely nothing to keep me company or interesting.

Anonymous said...

A shoot at work is the best way to kill time and the daily grind. :)
Nice one. ^^d

Anonymous said...

what does your boss has to say? ('~')

Phossil said...

@Lightosan: thx for the tip.

@Snark: You are very smart, yep, the conspiracy has begun!! ^^

@Super rats: Sooner or later you will have, no worries.

@Optic: My boss doesnt think the same way.

@Gordon: Shh.. Better dont ask. I still have to do a lot of reports. >_<

Anonymous said...

The lightning is nice :)

And Mikuuuu is so cuuuute :)

Mo5Fest said...

nice shots! Also I really love Miku ^^;

Anonymous said...

Nice picture for a nendo so cute! I love this colours