Haruhi photo shoot

Go HaruhiHaruhi's number one fan!

I do realize my previous posts were a little off anime topic. So I decided to do a Figma Haruhi photoshoot the same way like DC does. Now this photoshoot will count as one more of the thousands you can find about Haruhi, but anyway, its part of Haruhism!

And for all my readers, Haruhi pantsu shot!


Snark said...

Very nice photos. Would it be a safe guess to assume you're using a SLR? What kind of lens did you use?

Anonymous said...

Nice photos!!!

Anonymous said...

If a think about the 1st photo, she looks just like god.
(How the sun rises from behind etc.)

Wait... she is god of the otaku world. :P

Anonymous said...

The photos turn out good! Perhaps I should shoot using my monitor as my bg too :)

Phossil said...

@Snark: I used my point-and-shoot camera. No special lenses.

@Lightosan: Thanks.

@Optic: Of course she is, lol.

@Divine Fang: Maybe a LCD monitor is better.

Anonymous said...

Nice, photos! How do you get them come out sooooo clear. I guess its the camera. Sigh.....I need new digital camera. Mine's to old T_T

Phossil said...

@Rangerroh: Photoshop was usefull too.

Persocom said...

nice pictures, I still need to break out my Haruhi Figma and take pictures, since I never really got good ones when I first bought her.