Certification completed!!

After 2 years I finally can say: "I am a MCSE certificated!!". I did the 7th cert exam in early april from this year and I started this certification adventure back in april 2006.

Now Im one more certificated IT professional in software business. But dont think this is the end of it. Now, I will persue another certification track: the MCITP (IT professional). I have in mind the Oracle certification also and probably the ethical hacker certification too.

I remember when I was a college student and I used to saw MCSE professionals coming to give us some IT expositions in class. Watching them made me persue this credential and it was a dream back then but now the dream has come reality. It took me 7 certifications exams (they were 8 because i failed in one and I tried to use the second shot offer without sucess).

One of the most useful resources i found to achieve this certification (and some others) was http://www.sadikhov.com/forum/. In there you can find usefull stuff, some excerpts and exam crams. Also in the community you can share your comments about some questions.

Im very happy and very proud of being a MCSE.

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