what's moe??

Have you heard the word Moe?? Have you wondered what that is? Well I have. Looking for a word definition in Wikipedia, Moe is a Japanese slang word originally referring to fetish for or love for characters in video games or anime and manga.

I dont think Moe has anything to do with fetishism with sexual (like hentai or ecchi) behavior for an otaku. I believe the word moe is more like a derivation or a synonymous of the word kawaii (a japanese word meanning cute and/or adorable) or at least i tend to use it in that way.

Now that i think about it, moe its more like an attraction to fictional characters in anime, manga or video games but in kawaii-ness terms. Well, at least thats what i think. I mean, characters (specially female) who are too cute, beautiful, inocent, well drawned, superb, good looking and very, very kawaii are the kind of characters you fall in love and when you look for or identify this characters, well, thats moe to me.

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