How to speed up your Windows Vista

Here comes a little list of suggestions for speeding up your particular Windows Vista OS: Home, Pro, etc. I think, the following recommendations also apply in great detail with any OS, you know generally speaking.

I decided to post because i face a lot of common questions in my work related with Windows Vista performance and how to improve it. I know, i know there are plenty of variations but i will say the key points most important to me as a Technology Specialist.

Uninstall any application you dont need.
I have seen a lot of people with so many duplicated gadgets or widgets in their PC with the vaguely same function, like the clock desktop from Windows vista sidebar for example. Whats the idea of having 2 clocks reminding you the time?? I mean your sidebar clock and your desktop task bar clock. Or better yet, having your trial software installed expired? Uninstalling them will free up your hard disk space and significatively your OS will thank you for it.

Disable the services you dont use.
Lets face it, there are some services in your OS that you dont use, like for example if your PC dont have wireless or bluetooth capabilities i think you should disable those related services.

Disable some applications from the task bar.
There is a lot of people who has a lot of programs running in background mode in the Windows task bar without notice they require at some point memory and processor for their background tasks. Whats the hole point of having your Itunes, Quicktime and whatever other software running in background if you dont use it at all. They load in memory and stays ready for when you decide to use them but if you dont plan to use some of them, i think you could disable them. -Not the same case with your antivirus software-.

The look and feel has a price.
Have you see all those nice and cool desktop effects in Vista?? Well, let me tell you all of them has a price. All those visual effects require a good, last generation graphics card and a speedy processor, because those effects are very resource demanding. If you dont have either both or just one of them, you should consider turning off some visual effects for your Windows, like the mouse pointer shadow, for example.

More RAM gives you more space.
The same with a good processor. I know it sounds a little obvious but sometimes i surprise myself when people have too many programs running at the same time with RAM below the recommended requirements in their computers.

Well, i hope this little list help you improve a little bit your Windows Vista performance or any OS including Linux, Mac OS, etc.

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