Schrodinger pantsu

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Today I want to talk to you about a phenomenom known as The Schrödinger pantsu.

The Schrödinger pantsu.

Everything begins with Erwin Schrödinger's theory and his cat. This physics did some experiments with his cat enclosed inside a covered box with radioactive material. For Schrödinger, there was no way to known if the cat was alive or not until we open the box and see.

Now, the Schrödinger pantsu dilemma states that anime/manga artists push to the limit of the very edge of not showing/drawing panties in female characters.

Is Aqua wearing panties or not??

This gives the reader/viewer the hope that she may not be wearing anything at all.  There are infinite possibilities until the skirt is lifted.

She may be wearing panties, but we can not see them.

We can find Schrodinger pantsu dilemma even in cosplay.

Schrodinger pantsu in cosplay example

Ahead more moe examples of the Schrodinger pantsu theory.

My favorite can't see her pantsu girl: Agua from Konosuba.

Source of images: a combinated search between Google and Duckduckgo.

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